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Would you paint your walls black?

Making use of elegant drapery can give black walls the effect you desire.

Black walls have long been a favorite technique for designers who are searching for something edgy to accent their designs. Rather than projecting a morbid connotation, which is what the color is often associated with, using this daring hue on walls can often give a space a luxurious and stately feeling, making it all the more appealing for those who spend time there. Still, it takes guts to use black in your home.

If you're considering using this shadowy tint in your house, here are a few things to keep in mind so that your house isn't mistaken for the one from "The Addams Family:"

1. Use it as an accent – Rather than painting a room entirely black, this shade can have more impact if you make it an accent. Black trim, accessories and even fabrics can have an unexpected but not shocking effect on a space. If you're looking for something with a little more impact, consider an accent wall, meaning that just one or a few of the wall surfaces in your room will be painted in this color, while the rest of them are painted differently. 

2. Combine with white, grey or blue – If you are hoping to use black tastefully in your home, it helps to combine it with the right accent pigments. Patterns can help to break up a stretch of black and will bring a cheerful feeling to the house. Consider the black and white checkerboard floor, which is more closely associated with grand apartments on fifth avenue than it is with the afterlife. Using the right accents will help your house to look perfect. 

3. Make sure you get the window treatments right – Interior decor that involves black has higher stakes than other colors, so it's important that you make the entire room match the high style standards that you've set with your use of this paint. Luxurious curtains and drapes are necessary to get it right. Consider silk drapes for the best impact.