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When it comes to a window with shutters, keep it simple

The shutters on your house don't have to cause an interior design dilemma.

The shutters on your house don't have to cause an interior design dilemma.

Homes on the coast have a uniquely beautiful vantage point. Whether you’re located along a lake, ocean or other body of water, there’s nothing quite like waking up to a beautiful view of the sea. While an intoxicating ocean view certainly entices many people to build along the coastline, such homes are typically at the mercy of a raging sea that could become violent. 

For this reason, many owners of houses on the seashore choose to protect their windows from high winds and other potential dangers with shutters. While they remain open during much of the year, these accessories can be closed to cover the glass window pane, protecting it from rough weather outside. 

And while storm shutters are an undeniably good idea for those living in coastal and hurricane-prone areas like Florida, they can pose a bit of a challenge when it comes to deciding upon the best window treatments. 

If you’re facing this dilemma, it’s best to keep your drapes simple. But, that doesn’t mean that your choice of curtains and drapes has to be boring. On the contrary, something uncomplicated and solid colored really looks great from both the inside and outside of windows that already have shutters. 

Consider making use of silk drapes in a solid color to enhance the look of your window from both sides. To further improve the aesthetic, coordinate the color of your drape with that of the shutter. Especially if you’re in a warm climate, don’t be afraid to choose bold, bright hues for both of these accessories - just make sure that they will match if they’re both being seen. 

There’s no reason why your protection from the elements shouldn’t also look great.