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Use a designer silk stripe as a shower curtain

Curtains like these will look great in a bathroom.

Curtains like these will look great in a bathroom.

Bringing elegance into the bathroom is not always easy. As a utilitarian space, there are not many opportunities for creativity and self-expression in a room like this. But making small changes can be a huge boost to the appearance of your bathroom,  turning it from a stock space into the kind of room where you would want to spend a lot of time. 

Many of the updates you can make to your bathroom can cost a lot of money, whether it's changing out a light fixture or adding a new vanity and mirror. However, you don't have to spend too much to improve the look of your shower curtain. Too often, when you're in need of a new shower curtain, your first stop will be the bathroom section of a home store, where you will undoubtedly be greeted with a variety of plastic curtains and drapes that can be used for your shower. 

But if you think beyond the obvious options, the appearance of your washroom can improve significantly with a single update. How about using a luxury silk drape instead of a printed piece of plastic to bring some real beauty into your bathroom? You would probably only need one panel, depending on the size of your tub or shower, and could find some reasonably priced silk drapes for a lovely look. 

Consider the color scheme you already have in your bathroom, and choose a stripe that works with these colors. This will ensure that your shower curtain improves the look of the space but does not dominate it. Once you've chosen your drapery, make sure that you have a shower curtain liner to protect it, and enjoy your lovely new bathroom!