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Tips for mixing old and new in your eclectic interior

Plaid silk curtains can give your interior a rustic look when embracing antiques.

Plaid silk curtains can give your interior a rustic look when embracing antiques.

Melding old and new is a challenge home fashion designers have wrestled with for ages. When you have furnishings and other valuables that span different generations, without some careful thought and consideration, your interior space will seem more chaotic than cohesive. It's okay to be eclectic with the style direction of your house, but you want to make sure you don't veer into a direction that makes a room jarring to be in because the aesthetic is so busy.

Here are a few tips and tricks to making any room come together when mixing older belongings with new decor:

  • Establish a color palette - As long as the overall color scheme in the space sticks to the same general area of the spectrum, pieces from any time period will be able to complement each other. If you go with mostly neutrals, however, you have more license to play around with statement items like bright paintings.
  • Embrace a vintage centerpiece – Many antiques like lamps or paintings can make big statements if displayed appropriately. Don't be afraid to put your favorite vintage item front and center. This will ease up some of the pressure to search for other pieces of art or furnishings that you'd otherwise need to contribute to the aesthetic of the room.
  • Choose the right drapes - Silk drapes are timeless, and using them in any room that features an eclectic mix of old and new will look fabulous. Plaid silk drapes, for example, have a particularly rustic flair that could be just what the space needs to complete a feeling.