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Stick with a classic color scheme for a New England home

Striped drapes like this do a great job conveying a New England aesthetic.

Encapsulating home decor trends for the entire United States can be a bit difficult simply because of the sheer size of the country. Not only do different looks and styles tend to fit in better with the culture of a specific geographical region, but it's important to remember to take climate into consideration as well. Not all parts of the country have the same topography or weather expectations, after all. 

Many of the homes that make it into the pages of interior design magazines and blogs are from Southern California, where the dry, warm climate enables houses to incorporate natural elements into their decor, and perhaps even include a complete outdoor living area. This style is tempting to those of us who brave the rough New England winters year after year, but there are many practical reasons why it won't quite work. 

The pitched roofs, double-pained windows and indoor living rooms of a colonial style house simply make more sense when you're going to need to deal with four seasons, and in homes like this, more traditional decor simply seems to make sense. Numerous homeowners are still relying on a classic red, white and blue color scheme for their New England homes, according to a recent article in the Connecticut Post. 

"It's a classic, all-American look. The colors make people feel good," said Dina Ragona-Pistouris, a designer for Ethan Allen, to the source. "It's always going to be around, especially in the New England area."

If you are interested in adding some of this classic elegance into your interior, there's no better way to do it than with beautiful striped silk drapes. These are an elegant way to finish off the design of your home and keep it looking great.