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Report: A well decorated house sells faster than one that isn’t

Beautiful silk drapes are perfect for the dining area of a house.

Beautiful silk drapes are perfect for the dining area of a house.

Recent reports from different industry groups are showing that the housing market is in the midst of a robust recovery after bottoming out a few years back in response to the burst of the housing bubble. Now, many parts of the country are seeing value increases exceeding a 90 percent improvement from the trough of the Great Recession, and savvy homeowners are taking advantage of these conditions to reap a return on their investment into their property by selling to the highest bidder.

However, even during a seller's market like the one currently being enjoyed here in the United States, homeowners have to do all they can to gain a competitive edge if they want to get the best return on their sale in the quickest amount of time.

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released their 2012 Characteristics of New Housing report, which indicates what buyers are looking for most in new properties. According to the data, prospective homeowners look most at the bathrooms and the kitchens of homes they're thinking of buying. Not only are they taking into consideration the state of the appliances and fixtures, but they are heavily influenced by the decor of the space, from the window treatments to the table settings. 

In fact, the report found that properly staged homes sell within 6 days of entering the market on average compared to the 40-plus days a homeowner who fails to properly prepare their property for an open house have to wait for an offer.

Details like beautiful silk drapes in the bathroom or dining area are just one item that could make or break the look of your house.