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Navy blue is an excellent accent color for a neutral room

Navy blue is a great accent color for the home.

Navy blue is a great accent color for the home.

Many people are afraid to use neutrals such as black, grey or navy when they're decorating their house. While these hues may be staples in your wardrobe, several homeowners feel that they are simply too strong to be used in a house, fearing that they will suck the light and life from an otherwise bright and cheery room.

One particularly effective way to use navy, however, is to pair it as an accent against more subdued neutrals such as tan and brown. This refined color palette will lend a classy feeling to any room in the house, and set a tone of elegance for the space.

Don't hesitate to use this dark blue color with leather furniture, whether in throw pillows or blankets, since these two classic neutrals have always agreed.

Another place that navy works well is in curtains and drapes. Looking for an elegant accent to a room you're not sure how to finish? A navy blue linen curtain might be just what your space needs to feel complete. These demonstrate your style as well as your restraint, since this color is a timeless classic.

If you're still not quite sure how best to incorporate this color into a room, think of getting a print or pattern that uses navy. That way, you get the beauty and rich dimension that this shade brings to the table, without needing to fear that it will drain the light from your room.

There's no need to be intimidated by darker neutrals such as black, grey and navy. They can be easily incorporated into a room, bringing their subdued class right along with them to make any room look fantastic.