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Make solid silk drapes work with pets

You really can have beautiful silk drapes like this even if you have pets.

You really can have beautiful silk drapes like this even if you have pets.

Pets are one of the most undeniably wonderful parts of having a house. Whether you prefer dogs or cats, it can be nice to have a furry friend running around, bringing a sense of joy into your space. Pets are proven stress relievers, especially for those who live alone, and can be wonderful companions. Of course, sharing the house with animals typically means making some decor compromises. 

Anyone with a dog or cat knows that a white slip covered sofa wouldn't stay white for very long with four-legged friends wandering about the house. Similarly, unless you like the look of animal hair accumulating on all your textiles and in corners, you'll probably have to get used to vacuuming more often. But especially if you have puppies or kittens, even your curtains and drapes are at risk. 

Making your decor work with pets is simply about compromise, however, and if you're interested in the appearance of silk drapes or other luxury accents for your home, you can figure out a way to make them work. Typically, the sheen and length of your silk panels is attractive to animals, so while they're young, it might be in  your best interest to place furniture in front of windows, blocking access to the drapes. 

You can also use tiebacks to hold them out of the way in an aesthetically pleasing manner, helping to make them less tempting to animals as well. Once you figure it out, it's certainly possible for your pets and favorite home decor items to share a space.