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Make leather furniture work for the summer

Use beautiful silk curtains to help dress down your living space.

Use beautiful silk curtains to help dress down your living space.

Now that Memorial Day has finally passed, it's fair to say that we've reached the unofficial start to summer. And while you might have spent your days holed within your home's cozy interior during the winter, it's now time to get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts. But you might be feeling that your winter retreat is simply too warm for use during the warmer months, particularly if you have leather furniture. 

Leather furnishings are especially wonderful because they're durable and attractive, meaning that after you've made that investment, you likely won't have to buy again. But as anyone who has worn shorts into the car on a hot summer day knows well, this material is not great for warm weather.

And while you can't fix the heat-retaining properties of leather, you can help to make your living room or den into a more comfortable space for the summer. First, consider taking up the rug. While this might have been an essential part of your winter decor, you maylike the temporary change of removing it, and it will certainly help to lighten the space if it was a dark color.

Next, consider adding bright and attractive throw pillows for the summer. Consider a linen or floral print to help brighten the mood of the room.

Finally, change out your drapery. Nothing says summer quite like striped silk drapes. Choose a light color, which will help to set a summery tone for the room. 

Decorating seasonally like this will help to expend the uses for your house all year.