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Let the premium artwork in your house do the talking

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Just about nothing adds character to a house like original art. Though art collectors spend years looking for the right pieces for their home, it's possible to find nice works from unknown artists that make such high style available for much lower prices. Right now, it's even very popular for homeowners to take on art projects in a DIY manner, copying a look that they've seen for a fraction of the original cost. 

But no matter if the art in your home is a Manet or homemade, it's important to display it correctly. Hanging your favorite paintings the right way is crucial to  giving them the impact that they deserve. After all, even a work by a famous artist can get lost on a wall that's crowded with family portraits and other items. 

Regardless of the origins of your artwork, make sure to take inspiration from a gallery or museum, and keep the rest of the decor in the room simple. Obviously, since this is your home, it's unnecessary to keep it completely devoid of any kind of character, but it is still a good idea to make sure that the rest of your room doesn't compete with your central piece of art. 

In lieu of crazy patterns, consider making use of simple but elegant window treatments such as silk drapes. These will make a wonderful impact without taking away from the main focal point of your home: the art that you love so much. Display your taste within your home by demonstrating your restraint, and get the maximum impact.