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Let striped drapes anchor the design of an eclectic house

Striped drapes like these are great for expressing your style.

Striped drapes like these are great for expressing your style.

It seems that in home decor magazines and on television sets, residences have this kind of crowded appearance that makes them seem more homey and never cluttered. Whether it's through the use of antiques or thrifted items, the ideal eclectic house draws guests in and captivates them with interesting details everywhere they turn. 

But implementation of this kind of ideal style can actually be quite difficult. Since there is a need for most of the furniture in your house, it can be hard to bring other objects in and not have them appear contrived,  making this an aesthetic that can be difficult to pin down. 

Still once you've managed to place the miscellaneous furniture around your house in a way that you like, it might be a little hard to manage the look of these differing colors and styles. If this is an issue that you're struggling with, take a hint from the pros. 

When set decorators and interior designers are creating this style for their clients, they are able to sort through potential accessories and choose them based only on a specific set of criteria. After they've done that, they unite the entire style with one item that ties all of it together. 

The unifying feature might be just what your home needs to really make the eclectic look work. Consider using a multi-colored stripe to tie the entire style together. Because of the different hues included in a set of striped silk drapes, you will be able to give voice to the many different elements that have gone into making your home look the way it does. 

Don't abandon your desire to have a fun, eclectic home just because you're not sure how to implement the aesthetic. Getting it right could be a simple matter of choosing the right curtains and drapes