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Keep your decor in check and avoid making it “too precious”

These drapes should help to keep someone from calling your home decor "precious"

These drapes should help to keep someone from calling your home decor "precious"

In home decor, it seems that there is a fine line between designs that are well tempered and those that cross over into the sickeningly sweet category. We've all had the occasional experience of walking into a home and feeling as if nobody actually lives there. Even the knickknacks are arranged so precisely that you're afraid to move any of them. 

Designers have a term for spaces that have been designed this way, so that all the colors coordinate too well and a home functions better when looked at than lived in. They call these homes "too precious." 

For many of us, the struggle is in coming up with any kind of a cohesive design structure, and we feel far away from creating a space that's overly perfect, but according to an article in the Denver Post, this is a common problem, and it often happens to home decor novices who aren't sure how to express their personal style, and may become bogged down in the basics. 

"When putting together colors, picture the number of blues in the sea," designer Katie Leede told the newspaper. "Indigo is next to turquoise. In nature, you see spring green next to conifer green and sage, and it's spectacular. Open your eyes to see how God does it."

While it might take some practice at first, sometimes all homeowners really need is the permission to know that it's better to find coordinating hues than to stick to one shade. Whether you choose to implement this with your patterned silk drapes or couch cushions, it's a great home decor trick.