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Interior designer draws on experience as a painter

Texture and a gray hue are both popular design trends.

Texture and a gray hue are both popular design trends.

Art is all around us, according to painter turned interior designer Cecilie Starin. Starin has owned her own interior design company for over a decade and often shares insights about the field with the media. She took the time out of designing to talk to SFgate.com about current trends in home décor.

  • Cultural mix: In Starin's work, she mixes various cultures and time periods into her designs. She combines contemporary furniture with vintage art or vice versa. She recommends also brining a contrast of texture, pattern and color to the home.
  • Gray: For a few years now, gray has been showing up all over the home sector. Starin attributes the popularity of subdued hues to the nation's economic status. "It's symbolic, and indicative of something deeper, a global consciousness. The influences come from all directions – film, socioeconomic, politics, and technological advances," she tells the news source. Some people are afraid to experiment with color, which is another reason why gray is so popular, but Starin recommends thinking out of the box if you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Statement pieces: Starin tells the website that smaller statement pieces are rising in popularity. Decorating your home doesn't have to break the bank. Instead of splurging on a single piece of art, Starin recommends incorporating a variety of decorations into your living room to create a salon wall. 

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