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Incorporate sunny yellow drapes into your home for a summery feeling

These beautiful silk drapes will make a great yellow impression in your house.

These beautiful silk drapes will make a great yellow impression in your house.

Perhaps because it makes a vibrant contrast to emerald green, Pantone's official "color of the year," there's no denying that yellow is a popular hue for use in fashion as well as the home right now. Something about this color feels fresh and lively, and it looks fantastic when used in a number of different contexts. 

In fact, this color is so popular right now that Houzz, an online home decor ideas and inspiration website, recently featured an article consisting only of recommendations for yellow fabrics that homeowners might put to work in their interiors. 

Whether you do this through recovering an antique chair, adding a throw pillow or switching out your window treatments, there's no denying that bringing a little yellow into your house will give it a more modern appeal without sacrificing the style that you have worked hard to achieve in your home. By far one of the simplest methods for incorporating this hue into your home is through silk drapes

Yellow striped silk carries with it an elegance that is timeless, and yet right now it feels even more appropriate. These window treatments are easy to install, and can transform the look of your interior easily. 

As with most of our drapes, we recommend that you hang your silk window treatments on high and just outside of the window itself, creating the maximum impact for your window treatments while allowing the majority of the natural light to come in and brighten the room that you're decorating. It's amazing how much of a difference you can make with a simple practice like this.