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In a large space, hang drapes between windows to maximize light

Large rooms with a lot of light are best divided into a few seating areas.

Large rooms with a lot of light are best divided into a few seating areas.

Large spaces can be extremely nice. Such well-appointed rooms tend to incorporate plenty of square-footage, and might include several floor-to-ceiling windows that let in much natural light. If you’re lucky enough to havethis kind ofa room in your house, it can be hard to drum up sympathy for your decorating woes.

Still, finding the right treatments for your many windows can be a bit of a challenge. After all, the brightness of this room is a major draw, and the wrong curtains and drapes can compromise that. If you’re facing this problem, its best to make use light colors for your window treatments.

Rather than choosing something dark or heavy, like a velvet blackout drape, linen or silk in a bright hue in the range of yellow to white should be employed. Rather than hanging your drapes over your windows, instead, have them installed between the panels.

Not only will this make it appear as if you’re working with even more natural light than your space already has, but you will also benefit from keeping this fabric out of the way in case you want to open a window or door for a breeze.

When arranging furniture in a large space such as this, it’s best to place items in groups. Put couches together in smaller areas that would encourage conversation, and you will find that this kind of big room is easier to decorate. In the case of a party or other gathering, it will also be easier for people in the house to talk to one another, and ensure that there is ample seating for all who are involved.

Even if you have the problem of having too large a space with too much light, there are easy tricks to maximize your room and create a beautiful setting for spending time.