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Give your house an update with patterned silk drapes

These silk drapes have a pattern inspired by chintz, meaning they'll look great in your home for years to come.

It's no secret that patterns are in style full-force for the home these days. It's virtually impossible to open a Pinterest board without noticing at least one inspiration board dedicated to a favorite geometric design. Middle Eastern inspiration has been creeping into the contemporary American residence as well, now that many people are noticing how nicely the intricate patterns from this part of the world coordinate with one another. 

But as home decor fashion begins to accept busier styles, patterns that have been shunned as passe in recent years are also becoming accepted in the home. Most recently, the English floral pattern known as chintz has especially been making a comeback. The larger flowers featured in this motif can bring in many colors, and often make a good focal point for a given space, which has led to the pattern's previous popularity in both furniture and wallpaper. 

In order to use this style in your home in a more contemporary context, it's a good idea to mix it with brighter colors and other modern accessories, which will help to keep it looking more current. If you want to do this without completely changing the design scheme of your room, it's a great idea to incorporate it in your window treatments. This can make your house appear at once classic and contemporary. 

Making this simple change is a great way to stay ahead of what is sure to be a budding trend.