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Give a room in your house more brilliance with a bold two-toned color scheme

Go for bold combinations, like great teal taffeta on a red wall.

Go for bold combinations, like great teal taffeta on a red wall.

Choosing a bold favorite wall color is a natural choice for many people who are looking to give the decor in their house a little boost. After all, it's a great way to make your room stand out, and your choice of hue is an excellent method for expressing your individuality. But lately, many people have been going even further, deciding to pick not one, but two knock-out pigments that make their room look incredibly different through just one easy step. 

This technique is particularly popular in the bedrooms of teens who are looking to make a change in the way their part of the house is decorated so that they can express themselves. And if your young adult still likes the color that their walls have been painted, adding in an accent hue a great idea for doing a low budget redecoration of their personal space. Rather than undergoing a full-scale remodel of your teen's room, encourage them to pick out a color that they love and have it be the primary accent throughout the room. 

You can use this shade in the window treatments to give it a great anchor, but feel free to put it around the room as well. Consider purchasing storage baskets, accent pillows and knickknacks in the same shade. The result will be a highly stylized bedroom using a bold combination of colors. But since all of your accents were temporary, should your teen – a notoriously temperamental age – tire of the design scheme, you won't have to worry that you broke the bank on the redecoration. 

Consider giving them a more grown up extra like silk drapes, which can be found for surprisingly great prices when you shop online. If you work together on this design, both of you will be happy with your teen's room.