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Don’t want to lose light? Choose white drapes instead

Worried about blocking too much light? Select white silk drapes,

Worried about blocking too much light? Select white silk drapes,

One of the biggest apprehensions that many homeowners have about using curtains and drapes in their house is that they will block out the natural light that they love so much. For obvious reasons, many people want to have as much light in their home as possible, but leaving windows uncovered often doesn't have the desired effect. 

Rather than allowing the light to flow in unfiltered and beautifully, a house usually just looks unfinished when there is nothing on the windows. Plus, adding window treatments doesn't typically get rid of all of your natural light, unless you've chosen blackout drapes and decide to keep them closed. Most of the time, adding drapes simply makes your windows seem bigger, framing them on the wall and giving your space the character you desire. 

Those that are really worried about losing natural light, however, should choose white curtains, as the color will help to brighten your space and won't filter as much of the incoming sun. This can be a nice accent to a white room, or a point of contrast if you have different colored walls. If you'd like, choose silk drapes that have a pattern but are based in white to make your home look more beautiful.

Don't fear that adding curtains to your home will darken it. Instead, window treatments will help the windows on your walls to look more like they belong, bringing the rest of your residence into a context that is informed by their existence.