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Can solid silk drapes work if you have pets?

These silk drapes look sharp and will coordinate with your black lab.

These silk drapes look sharp and will coordinate with your black lab.

Decorating your house becomes a mixture of expressing your personal style and finding a practical way to pick durable items when you have pets. Of course, very few of us would ever trade our four-legged friends for nicer furniture, but it would be nice to be able to choose decor without wondering how your dog or cat will react to it when it comes into the house. 

Here at Half Price Drapes, we're a big fan of recommending that homeowners hang their drapes "high and wide" so that the curtains fall mostly outside of the window and all the way to the floor. This maximizes the natural light coming in to the room and will make your windows appear larger and more stately. 

However, many people with pets wonder if this advice is really practical or if it would be better to choose a window treatment that's a little less tempting for your furry friend. Of course, every pet is different, and if you're considering incorporating lovely silk drapes into your home, it's best to check out other fabric items you might have in the house. If dust ruffles, bed sheets and upholstery on chairs and couches aren't bait for your dog or cat to scratch up, chances are that you can hang drapes to the floor without incident. 

But pets also shed, and the last thing you want to is to have to clean your window treatments weekly because they've gotten covered in hair. Instead, pick a color that coordinates with your pet so that their fur won't stand out so much.