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Bring grandeur to your entryway with taffeta silk curtains

Round tables and taffeta drapes are classics of the entryway.

Round tables and taffeta drapes are classics of the entryway.

Homeowners often have trouble decorating the entryway in their residence. These areas can be difficult to accessorize, since they're the first glimpse of the interior that any guest will get. The part of the home, therefore, has to ease visitors into the look of the space, while maintaining a certain formality that the rest of your house may not display. 

If your entryway has windows, it can be even more challenging to properly decorate. Those who want to project a feeling of formality should consider using taffeta silk drapes

Curtains and drapes made of taffeta have a beautiful flow, cascading elegantly to the floor, making your house feel incredibly special. Many who are faced with decorating their homes worry that this fabric will give their house a stuffy look, but choosing a bright jewel tone can really help to combat this issue. 

Depending on the color scheme of your space, choose a bold primary to really take the lead in the design. Such bright curtains will help to make your entry feel flashy and elegant right away. 

If the space allows, think of adding a small round table – an entryway classic – directly across from the door. Not only will this look right in the space, but it's a handy place to put mail, keys and other items. 

The space directly beyond the door in your house is important for establishing the tone of the home, and decorating it well will make guests feel more comfortable almost instantly. Adding a few items, such as a table and taffeta drapes will show your guests that you run an orderly and elegant home and make them feel comfortable the minute they walk in the door.