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An unintentionally traditional home sprouts up in Japan

Solid silk drapes help to capture a blame, natural aesthetic that is one with nature.

Solid silk drapes help to capture a blame, natural aesthetic that is one with nature.

Many individuals may not realize it, but the unique demands that they give to architects when they are commissioning a new home may not be as original as they think. This was the case when Japanese business owner Takamitsu Takebayashi sought to build a home for him and his wife Megumi back in 2011.

"I just said I'd like a house that you can be one with nature and you can relax," Mr. Takebayashi, who recently retired as chief executive of golf equipment company Fourteen, told The New York Times in a recent profile of his home.

He explained that all he told the architect of his new house, renowned artist Kazuhiko Kishimoto, was that he didn't enjoy high ceilings and that he wanted a comfortable space that felt almost "like a cocoon."

With this information in mind, Kishimoto inadvertently put together a design that featured many of the key tenets of a traditional Japanese house. He explains that this wasn't his intention, but that after he had taken all of Mr. Takebayashi's requests into consideration and drafted the blueprints, the pillars of traditional Japanese architecture were all present.

For instance, the space was designed with the horizon in mind: A low slung residence that allowed plenty of natural light to shine in from Sagami Bay, an area just south of Tokyo. Takebayashi explained to the source that he was tired of the electric lighting he had come to depend on in the expansive downtown apartment that he previously occupied and was ready to let the sun shine in.

He still needed privacy, however, so the former entrepreneur placed shades and window treatments that also had an Oriental flair to them throughout the house. If you would like an Asian influence in your home, consider some solid silk drapes to control natural light and provide you the privacy you need.