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A mirrored backsplash can help to expand a small kitchen

Lovely fine window treatments like this are fantastic for a small kitchen.

Lovely fine window treatments like this are fantastic for a small kitchen.

Depending on the layout, a small kitchen can still be very functional. While everyone would like to have enough counter space to really cook a meal, sometimes you don't need a palatial prep space in order to get some good cooking done. But whether you're at work on a favorite stew or toiling away at a homemade pie, you certainly don't want to feel cramped or claustrophobic in your kitchen. 

If you're starting to feel oppressed by the available space in your kitchen, you can brighten the room and expand its appearance by choosing a mirrored backsplash. This look doesn't require a lot of work. In fact, you might already have a mirror that you can place behind the sink, making it a free update. 

Not only will a glass mirror help to reflect the empty space in your house, making it seem like it has expanded, but it will also protect your wall from water damage and other pitfalls reasonably well. 

Best of all, it will reflect natural light coming in from your windows, and help to brighten the space – which is one of the best ways to make a room feel bigger and more pleasant. This will leave you free to decide on the curtains and drapes of your choosing, but you might like your mirrored backsplash so much that you decide to opt for an elegant look all around. 

Consider adding embroidered silk drapes, which will make any kitchen feel like the center of the home. Just because you don't have a lot of space available doesn't mean that you can't make your kitchen your favorite room in the house.