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Use sheer drapes to filter light for indoor photography

Sheers are a great way to soften light.

Sheers are a great way to soften light.

Whether you're a bona fide photographer or simply enjoy pulling out the camera at family events every once in a while, chances are that you've noticed how much of an effect the quality of light can have on the appearance of a photograph. Especially when taking pictures of people, this can be a major deciding factor in whether the subject looks attractive in a given portrait or instead appears like something out of a scary story. 

In some homes, the light always seems unflattering. While ample amounts of sunlight are often touted as a selling point of a given location, harsh side lighting or direct overhead brightness can sometimes cause everyone to seem less attractive. 

Whether you're looking to take pictures for a specific purpose, or would just like to rid your house of unsightly lighting, sheer drapes can help to filter the sun and instead create a much softer appearance in your home. And especially if you pick a light color for your fabric, you won't have to worry about darkening your space in the slightest. 

This trick has been used for years by pro photographers who prefer to shoot in natural light as well as the ones who like to replicate its effects in the studio. Combined with the aesthetic benefits of sheer curtains and drapes, you can't go wrong with this solution. 

Whether it's a single window or you'd like to soften the illumination coming in from all of your windows, adding sheer drapes can make a huge difference in the feeling of your house. Doing this will ensure that you won't have to squint upon entering your kitchen or living room and can still see what you're doing.