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Two-toned sheers bring the colors of autumn to warmer environs

You don't have to resort solely to heavy curtain designs as the weather gets colder.

You don't have to resort solely to heavy curtain designs as the weather gets colder.

In the fall and winter, many people choose to use heavier material for their window treatments because of its ability to weigh a room down and provide an aesthetically pleasing sense of insulation throughout the space. However, if you live in a warmer climate, the weather may not change so drastically as the seasons rotate. Still, you may want to adapt your room to more seasonally appropriate colors and patterns.

Sheers may not be the first fabric option that comes to mind when you think of window treatments for the fall or winter. However if you layer multiple colors of sheers over one another, the design takes on a heavier look that won’t overwhelm your room. A thick velvet blackout curtain or other kinds of heavy drapery may not be very climate appropriate, but darker sheers can exude the spirit of fall when these heavy draperies won’t work.

Layering dark red or brown on top of a lighter orange or pale yellow will be a beautiful accent to any room as the days grow shorter. If you live in an area where it is still pleasant enough after sunset to have your windows open, these sheers won’t inhibit the breeze, but since they are layered, will be better anchored than a simple, singular sheer in the summer or spring.

These window treatments will help bridge the seasonal divide in warmer regions where keeping the home well insulated is less of a priority. Layered sheers accomplish a lot in terms of functionality and in style as the semi-translucent nature of the fabric helps the colors blend together to create a romantic look for the space.

Just because you won’t be watching the leaves change color or going apple-picking in a local orchard, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the dynamic colors of fall from any interior environment.