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Striped sheers give room for bold design choices in your home

Let your centerpieces be the star by using non-intrusive sheer designs on your windows.

Let your centerpieces be the star by using non-intrusive sheer designs on your windows.

Sheer curtains become more interesting when a pattern or texture is worked into the fabric. This adds weight to the curtain without taking away from its translucence. Natural light can shine into the room, yet the window won't feel naked or overexposed. Although sheers are usually used to complement a heavier drape, when they are striped or latticed, they can easily stand on their own as a strong choice of window treatment.

Vertical striping gives off a clean and modern look that in almost any space will add simple elegance without overwhelming the overall aesthetic of the room. If you have a design scheme that is focused around a specific item of furniture or decorative accessory, you don't want your window treatments to steal all of the attention.

In a modern dining room, striped sheer drapes can work wonders. These modern window treatments will let in lots of natural light, provide privacy, and not distract from a beautifully set table. If you are having guests over and worked hard putting together an intricate centerpiece, this sort of window treatment will allow your efforts to show.. Or if you have a large chest in the room displaying your finest china, the light will pour in and illuminate your prized collection.

This kind of drape will give you the opportunity to get creative employing other styles of decor in your room. Because patterned sheers are trendy but simple, they won't clash with even ambitious design choices. You can add wall art or mirrors, or flood the room with fresh flowers, and because you chose a simple window treatment, the design scheme won't feel suffocated.