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Stay warm this winter with trendy drapery

A scarf is great inspiration for beautiful winter drapery.

A scarf is great inspiration for beautiful winter drapery.

If you're an avid home decorator, you know the importance of updating your space with modern window treatments as trends in fashion and interior design come and go. Current clothing trends are a great place to look for inspiration in terms of the curtains and drapes you decide to put into your home.

This winter, you're likely to see more people wearing scarves as the temperatures drop. This kind of fashion trend looks great on men and women alike and has the wonderful practical application of being able to keep you warm against the harsh winds that this season brings.

But even the way a scarf looks can make you feel warmer, and this same drapey beauty can be easily applied to the design and feel of any room in your house by using the right drapes.

One way to employ this swingy look is to use balloon shades, which not only look interesting and fresh when pulled up, but also have the practical use of shading your interior from the bright outdoors when lowered.

Another great way to achieve this airy look in your home is to use sheer drapes, which will give your home the same feeling that a quality silk scarf can lend to an outfit. Choose a color that nicely compliments the other hues that are already in play in the space in order to make this trend work well.

When you're on the hunt for inspiration on your next decorating project, open your closet or the nearest fashion magazine, and use the outfits that you love as a jumping off point. Just like clothes, design is best when it fits you, so don't be afraid to express yourself.