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Sheers help to expand small spaces

Sheers can extend the look of a small space.

Sheers can extend the look of a small space.

Anyone who lives in a small home knows that decorating a space like this is its own unique kind of challenge. Whether you live in a shoebox apartment or a tiny house, homes like this have the potential to carry a lot of charm to go with their limited square-footage, but that potential can only be realized if the space is properly decorated.

Even finding the right furniture and rugs for such a little space can be a difficulty, since full-sized versions might overpower the rest of the home. However, Depending on the layout that you're working with, there are a number of ways around this problem.

You will find that living in a tiny house is much easier if you designate an area for all of your possessions right as you move in. You will likely have to get creative with storage, keeping items in containers that double as decor, but this will help you to maintain order in your home despite having few spare inches at your disposal.

In a house or apartment that is short on space, light can make all the difference. Therefore, blocking even the slightest amount of sun can darken an already cramped room and make it feel even smaller. Instead, you will want a window treatment that helps to expand a room with its airy texture. Sheer drapes in white or another light hue can help to brighten your less-than-large living area without adding any bulk.

If you're looking for additional privacy, you might try layering a few of these window treatments, as this can obscure your home from the outside world without blocking the light that is so essential to the space.

Living in a small home requires more discipline from the decorator, but it is certainly possible to enjoy a full life with less spare room. As long as you designate a place for everything and keep your house bright, you should have no trouble at all.