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Sheers are the best way to conceal a sliding door

Sliding doors fit better with sheer drapes.

Sliding doors fit better with sheer drapes.

The sliding door is the kind of vexing convenience that you're likely to encounter while decorating your house. On the one hand, these are a great asset to the home, serving as both windows and doors, a sliding door will bring a beautiful view of the outside right into your living room.

On the other hand, a sliding door can be difficult to incorporate into your design scheme. Leaving one of these without a window treatment can make a room feel unfinished, not to mention pose a security threat, since you will be left without privacy.

But the window treatment that you choose also must be able to open and close with the door, or it would defeat the purpose of having a sliding door in the first place. In order to accomplish both the functional and aesthetic purposes that you're looking for, a sliding sheer is a fantastic option.

Choosing a sheer drape will allow ample light to flow into the room while still obscuring your home to outsiders. And the lightness provided by this kind of curtain will ensure that your room doesn't feel overly stuffy or serious.

Additionally, sheer curtains and drapes can be layered in order to create more privacy for your home without blocking the flow of light from the outside world.

Whether you choose a stripe, pattern or plain white depends on the look and feel of the room that you're looking to dress. But these can be hung either on a rod that easily lets them slide, or suspended from a sliding track on the ceiling. Either way, a sheer drape will be beautiful in almost any room in the house, and can perfectly solve the problem of a sliding door.