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Put a bird-feeder in the window for a spectacular view, even in the winter

If you feed the birds in the winter, you'll have more to see out your windows.

If you feed the birds in the winter, you'll have more to see out your windows.

As the winter months stretch onward, it’s hard to deny that the view outside our windows isn’t nearly as exciting this time of year as it is in the summer. There’s little to look at when the entirety of your view is blanketed in snow, which gets dirtier and more unsightly every day. This makes most of us want to cover up the view of the world outside with curtains and drapes

Instead of grinning and bearing the way the weather makes the world outside look during this time of year, you can work with it, and give yourself a view that you’ll want to frame – rather than cover – with your drapes. When there is snow on the ground, birds have a hard time finding food, but if you place a bird feeder outside of a window for them, they can come and get some seeds to eat, and you’ll get to know all of the diverse species that live in your neighborhood. 

Since birds tend to make a bit of a mess around feeders, it’s best to place yours in a window that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic that’s easy for these animals to find. This will solve the problem of the less-than-desirable view outside of your window, and help the birds in your neighborhood out as well. 

You’ll want to make sure that you can see properly out of the window that you’ve put the feeder near, so if you’ve been using sheer drapes for privacy, a tie-back can be a good way of allowing you to see out a little better. Best of all, you can put it back just the way it was at the end of the season.