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Pick your curtains and cushions out together, but it’s better if they don’t match

Window seats are just so cozy and relaxing.

Window seats are just so cozy and relaxing.

Whether it’s in a bedroom, hallway or kitchen breakfast nook, window seats are a pleasant architectural detail that can be particularly cozy. Especially when the area is accented with plenty of pillows, it will be particularly comfortable to curl up with a book or a bowl of cereal. But, since these areas are typically outfitted with cushions, it can be hard to know what sort of window treatments will work best. 

If you’re confused with the best way to decorate one of these areas within your house, it’s best to think of it as it’s very own little room. Therefore, it’s fine to include a few different colors or patterns in the space, so long as they look good paired next to one another. Regardless of the curtains and drapes that you choose for the window, it’s not advised to use the same color for the seat cushions or throw pillows, as that might look strange. 

Instead, change it up. Feel free to make use of bright colors and cozy patterns, since they have the potential to turn the window seat in your house from an unused detail to an inviting destination. Similarly, you may want to make use of multiple layers of window treatments. Sheer drapes, under more intricately patterned ones, will add a little bit of texture to the window and contribute to the overall welcoming feeling of this part of your house. 

If you are currently contending with the question of how you will outfit a window seat in your house, don’t be afraid to choose multiple dynamic hues. The more interesting this area looks from the outside, the more likely it is to be a favorite spot for your entire family.