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Personalize a first floor apartment while maintaining privacy

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It's no surprise that in many cities the first floor apartments are the ones that usually get rented last. Though move-in is a breeze and you don't have to worry about triggering your fear of heights, these dwellings have a higher risk for break-ins and a reputation for being an easy target for neighborhood vermin. And since windows are often street-level, there is also a little less privacy in a first floor dwelling. 

Whether it was your personal choice or a combination of circumstances that landed you on the first floor, it is possible to make this part of your home a little more pleasant by decorating the right way. 

Layering your drapes, for instance, will help to lend dimension and luxury to an area that might not actually be all that nice. As a bonus, sheer drapes can be closed across the windows all the time, helping to obscure your home and giving you privacy while also providing a break from the kind of landlord stock blinds that you might have kept closed until now. 

On the outside, you can bring a little color into the space by incorporating a bright set of cotton drapes as well. Not only will this solve your problem for privacy, but layering your curtains and drapes like this can help you to make the space appear more sophisticated. Don't assume that great interior design is reserved exclusively for those on upper floors. You can really do wonders with drapes even if your apartment is street-level.