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Make a unique statement with your window treatments using paint

Sheer curtains look fantastic in windows.

Sheer curtains look fantastic in windows.

If you're trying to have your house feel more lived-in, paint can be an excellent way to make your mark on the dwelling. This rather inexpensive change can be extremely transformative on the look and feel of the space, allowing you to put your own spin on otherwise unadorned walls. 

But while slapping a coat of paint on your walls is an excellent way to make a space stand out, if you really want it to look fantastic, pay attention to the trim. Repainting mouldings around windows, doors and baseboards a brighter, cleaner white is one of the easiest ways to make just about any house appear newer. 

If you're looking for a modern, clean appearance, super-white trim is what you want, but if you're searching for an aesthetic that's a little more unique, try painting your trim an interesting color. Bright pinks, blues and yellows are all great hues that you might not be feeling adventurous enough to use throughout the house. Rather than giving up on your dreams of a vibrant interior, you can paint the trim in your home one of these colors, and enjoy its cheerful effects. 

Best of all, this can really create the ideal frame for beautiful window treatments. Think of using sheer drapes and allowing your bold mouldings to shine on through. It's also a great solution for homes that may no longer have mouldings surrounding their windows. A strip of colorful paint will put a frame around the window without so much expense. 

There's no reason to just settle for your building as it is. Why not make it feel more like home by taking the time to decorate every aspect of it?