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Layered drapery can provide the insulation that you still need while giving you the feeling of spring

Even when it's winter outside, make it feel more like spring in your house by changing the drapery.

Even when it's winter outside, make it feel more like spring in your house by changing the drapery.

If your house has drafty windows, you might have turned to velvet blackout drapes for a little extra insulation during the winter months. But, while these drapes are undeniably great for keeping a room warm in an elegant manner, it's also hard to argue the fact that they tend to give off the same wintery feeling as a fur coat. 

As February stretches on, many people are more than ready to take down their blackout drapes, and let the sun of spring  shine in. And, no matter what the groundhog said, it's still winter for many of us, and the chilly winds of this season will go right through your windows if there's nothing to stop it. 

But, there's a solution for anyone who is feeling that winter has overstayed its welcome and is hoping to make their house cheerier by adding some bright fabrics inside. While it's still too cold to think of foregoing drapes altogether, you can create the airy feeling you desire while still keeping your house warm through layering sheers. 

Sheer drapes, we often say, are incredibly versatile. Whether they're used by themselves to add ambiance to a room and window, stacked up for privacy, or used in tandem with other types of window treatments, these drapes are great for anyone who changes their decor frequently to have on hand. 

Choose your sheers in the kind of colors that you closely associate with the warm weather seasons – whether this is the pastel of spring or the bold brights of summer is entirely up to you and the decor of the room that you're working with. When you have layered two or three panels of this type of drape on top of one another, it will help to make the fabric more substantial, and therefore keep those pesky drafts out of your house.