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Is the minimalist design approach right for you?

A minimalist approach favors sleek and crisp lines.

A minimalist approach favors sleek and crisp lines.

If you're looking for ways to make 2014 clutter-free, a minimalist interior design approach may be right for you. Recently, homeowners have been favoring simplicity over complex design schemes, especially in bedrooms. After all, your room should be a stress-free oasis to retreat to every night. To learn how to apply this trend to your home, check out some ideas below:

  • Organize: "The biggest draw to this design ideal is the concept of storage and the fact that everything should have a place," writes a blogger for UK lifestyle website SWNS.com. Ultimately, this approach urges homeowners to keep their pad spotless by eliminating excess clutter. To organize your home this year, think about holding a yard sale or donating items that you don't need to charity.
  • Don't confuse simplicity with boredom: It's a common misconception that a minimalist design approach is lackluster, however this is simply not true. You can still use bold colors and other invigorating patterns, just be sure that this décor works in harmony with your other fixtures. 
  • Use compact furniture: The minimalist approach favors furniture that is sleek and compact. Trade your oversized couches for trendy seating that doesn't take up as much space. Unlike some other design schemes, this style requires you to show off a substantial amount of floor space, so stay clear of excessive throw rugs.

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