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How to bring quaint cottage charm to your home

Sheer drapes are quite charming!

Sheer drapes are quite charming!

For most of the country this winter has brought mounds of snow and extremely cold temperatures, making many Americans hibernate inside. There's nothing better than curling up with a good book and cup of hot tea on a snowy night. What better way to enjoy the comforts of home than transforming your abode into a quaint cottage? Take a look at these helpful hints to bring charm to your space:

  • Flowers: Do you dream of living in a home with a gorgeous garden? Even if you live in a cold climate and won't be seeing the flowers bloom for a few months, you can still bring potted plants into your house. Look for low maintenance options, like beautiful orchids.
  • Light and airy curtains: Even though it's still winter, the days are getting longer and the sun is beginning to set later than in December or January. Nothing can lift your mood quite like some warm sunlight. Let the sun dance in your living room through the use of sheer draperies.
  • Original trinkets: One-of-a-kind flair can add charm to your home. "In the bathroom try swapping out your standard washcloth for a hand-knit version, plunk a garden rose in a water glass and display pretty little vases or bottles where they can catch the light. Line up seashells in a kitchen window; prop a tiny painting and a jelly jar of flowers in a study window," suggests Houzz.com contributor Laura Gaskill.

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