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How best to use sheer curtains in the bedroom

When you're not sleeping, letting a little light in your bedroom makes it a great place to relax in private.

When choosing a window treatment for the bedroom, you of course want to select a fabric that will give you privacy when you need it, however, you also don’t want to rob the room of natural light. Oftentimes, this limits your options, and sends you in the direction of a simple blackout drape, which, while functional and very stylish, isn’t the only choice available to you. By layering the blackout drape with a lighter material, you may be able to make the lighting in your room more dynamic.

Sheer curtains allow your bedroom to be a setting where you can relax in privacy anytime of day by letting in the natural light. Using this type of window dressing in conjunction with a heavier curtain gives you more power over the ambience in your bedroom.

By letting in a natural light but still providing privacy, this approach makes the room appear ethereal during the daytime. You won’t be required to turn on a lamp if you just want to lounge on your bed and read a book on a weekend afternoon. Sheer curtains will give your room light while also shielding you from the distractions of the outside world.

Your bedroom doesn’t have to be dark and cavernous when you shut your curtains. When trying on new outfits, you can keep your privacy and also get a complete idea of how it will look in the light of an outdoor setting with this type of layered design approach.

A drawback to using just sheer curtains would be that, depending on where your windows face, sunlight may filter in earlier in the day than you would like it to. A lightweight sheer curtain is perfect for layering. Putting a blackout curtain beneath the sheer will not interfere with the look of the window treatment, and then you can draw the curtain at night before bed.