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For summer, sheer window treatments let in light without all the heat

Window treatments can go a long way in helping you conserve energy during the warm summer nights.

When the weather outside starts to heat up, many homeowners become less energy efficient as a result of efforts to both enjoy and combat the rising temperatures. For example, swimming pools and air conditioning systems may consume vast amounts of electricity that wouldn't be used during cooler seasons. As well, the substantial traveling that takes place during the summer months increases fuel emissions compared to other times of year when work and weather keep families close to home.

Most households attempt to improve their negative impact on the environment by implementing small, energy-efficient changes into both their daily habits and their home decor.

One such step many amateur environmentalists think will help in reducing energy consumption is making the rooms inside their houses cavernous with drawn, heavy drapes. This way, a room is insulated and thermal heat can't get in, reducing the need for air conditioning. However, there are alternative ways to dress windows that don't eliminate natural light entirely.

White sheer curtains can let in the sun while reflecting much of the heat it produces. As anyone who dresses for summer will say, wearing white or lighter hues of clothing keeps a body cooler than wearing darker tones that absorb thermal energy. A white sheer will defend against a lot of the warmth produced by the sun's rays, but still let in a good amount of natural light.

Another small way these sheers potentially reduce energy consumption is that, by allowing light from outside to enter the room, the space won't require lamps for illumination during the daytime.

By choosing sheers to dress your window, you can enjoy the warm feelings natural light conjures without having to endure the actual heat.