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Velvet blackout drapes can help to warm up concrete floors

Once a staple of garages, concrete flooring is becoming the material of choice for modern houses as well.

Once a staple of garages, concrete flooring is becoming the material of choice for modern houses as well.

It's no secret that home decor experiences trends just like any other industry. That's why a home that was decorated well decades ago might now seem dowdy or unfortunate looking now. While some trends are inescapable, others seem impractical or look bad after just a few months once everyone has tired of them. Right now, a trend that's gaining traction in the world of interior decorating is concrete floors. 

Once reserved for sidewalks, garages and warehouse spaces, concrete floors have suddenly started to become cool within the house, inspiring growing amounts of homeowners to invite them inside. While this idea might seem crazy at first, flooring made of concrete requires little maintenance, can be polished in an attractive way and will likely never need to be replaced. 

Of course, concrete has some drawbacks as well. Flooring made of this super hard material is not recommended for houses with small children, since slipping and falling on this surface nearly guarantees a scraped knee and could produce much more extensive injuries. Similarly, homeowners who are considering participation in the concrete floor trend should be made aware of the fact that this material is often chilly underfoot, and will want to wear slippers for much of their time at home. 

But, if you must have the floor of the moment, there are some things that you can do to mitigate these risks. Adding area rugs and runners will help to give your concrete floors a little more traction, and similarly give them a little bit of cushion for any tiny tots that might trip. Though the area rugs will certainly help with the chilly feeling of your floors, consider warming the place up significantly by adding velvet blackout drapes

These accessories are perfect for a chilly house, and can help your concrete flooring to feel more homey.