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Use velvet blackout drapes for a DIY screening room

Blackout drapes like this will darken your room and look nice.

Blackout drapes like this will darken your room and look nice.

Many people, particularly those who are living in small spaces, have trouble coming up with the right solution for their television watching needs. While everyone likes a big screen, it's undeniable that these can take up too much space on a wall. There is also the relative inelegance of planning the layout of your living or bedroom around your television as the focal point. 

In order to mitigate these issues, many apartment-dwelling individuals have decided to replace their television with a projector instead. This brings the benefits of a large screen without it showing when it's not in use. All you need is a blank wall or pull-down screen for it to be fully functional. 

Of course, because projectors don't have any backlighting, there is the added challenge of blocking out excess brightness, whether it's coming from the windows or lamps around the house. Turning off the lights is easy enough, but toning down the impact of the sun is another challenge entirely. 

Luckily, velvet blackout drapes can be particularly effective in reducing the amount of glare coming in through your windows, and they come in a variety of colors so that you can find a set that works beautifully for the design scheme of your home. You can layer them with sheer drapes, keeping them open most of the time, and then when you're ready to use the projector, simply darken the room by closing the drapes. 

Living in a small space is all about finding a workable solution, and this might just be the one for you.