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Top window fashions to get you through winter

The right curtains can help cut heating costs in the winter.

The right curtains can help cut heating costs in the winter.

During the cold winter months you know it's best to add extra layers to your wardrobe. In addition to bundling up with mittens and scarves before you go outside, you should also think about incorporating strategic coverings to your home's windows. The right window fashions can help cut heating costs and save energy. Take a look at some of the top coverings your should include in your house:

  • Blinds: Blinds open and close easily, allowing you to let light in and retain privacy when needed. Blinds are especially appropriate in the kitchen or bathroom, but can be used in all rooms of the house.
  • Draperies: "Draperies add a touch of luxury to your living space," writes Emily Green, freelance writer for Living Green Magazine. "Better yet, the right drapery can lower your energy bill. When used properly, draperies work well in both summer and winter." Green spells out some important tips when using draperies for the winter, which include shutting drapes on windows that do not receive sunlight and making sure your drapes are as close to the window as possible. 
  • Shades: Shades are also able to save you money. If shades are mounted close to the window, they can stop heat loss. Additionally, be sure that they reach the sides of the window so that they work properly.

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