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Too much noise outside? Help to block it with velvet blackout drapes

These blackout drapes can help to insulate the noise in your house.

These blackout drapes can help to insulate the noise in your house.

Whether you're tossing and turning at night or attempting to curl up with a good book, sometimes outside noise is simply too prevalent to feel comfortable in your own home. This can be caused by many things, from the teenager next door hosting band practice in the house, to the neighbor who feels the need to mow their lawn three times a week. Whatever the cause, it's a lot easier to feel happy in your house and with your neighbors if you don't have to listen to their every move. 

But in some areas, this constant noise seems like it's a part of life. Whether you're in a suburban neighborhood where the houses are close together or are entrenched in an urban jungle with a street right outside your window, sometimes you just have to get used to the sounds of other people. 

However, it is possible to do more than just grin and bear the noise pollution where you live. Velvet blackout drapes are an inexpensive solution to this problem, and the density of the fabric helps to deaden some of the noise outside, making your house feel more like a quiet oasis. You can use them to cover windows as well as doors to stop some of the sound waves from disturbing your peace while at home. 

These stylish window treatments will also help you to feel more free at home, since they will block your noise from disturbing your neighbors as well. Drapes like this are one of the lowest-cost solutions for people looking for more peace at home.