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Stay cool this summer without using velvet

Did you know that we have a number of blackout drapes in other fabrics than velvet?

Did you know that we have a number of blackout drapes in other fabrics than velvet?

In the past, we've extensively covered the benefits of using velvet blackout drapes to keep your house cool in the summer. These curtains and drapes aren't just great for blocking out light, they are also wonderful insulation for your house year-round. While they help to protect you from drafts in the winter, these are also wonderful at keeping the sun from heating your interior more than it has to during the summer. 

Making use of blackout drapes is a wonderful way to save money and energy during the summer, but many homeowners are hesitant to do so because of the fact that they have difficulty with incorporating a heavy velvet fabric into their decor. While this material looks beautiful in a number of settings, it's also true that it won't work in every home. Luckily, for people who would like the benefits of these convenient window treatments, it is possible to find them in a variety of other fabrics. 

Whether you're looking for a print or a solid, there are a number of styles of blackout window treatments available that do a wonderful job looking great and subtly bringing the benefits of this type of curtain into the house. 

At Half Price Drapes, we have a huge selection of blackout drapes in an enormous variety of colors, styles and fabrics. This enables our customers to get exactly what they're looking for without sacrificing the aesthetic of their home that they've worked so hard to refine. Even better, you have access to our low prices and excellent customer service by shopping with us.