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Stay cool this summer with velvet blackout drapes

Keep cool with lovely patterned blackout drapes.

Keep cool with lovely patterned blackout drapes.

Because of the soft, thick material that they're made of, many of us assume that velvet blackout drapes are only good to insulate your house in the winter. And while it's true that they're fantastic at keeping the chill from coming in during the cold weather months, drapes like this are also fantastic at helping you stay cool during a heatwave. 

If you want to keep your house comfortable during the summer without putting your electric bill though the roof, the answer might just be found with velvet blackout drapes. Adding some of these curtains to your house can bring an unexpected pop of color and keep several of your rooms from becoming uncomfortable in the sweltering heat. 

Be sure to close yours on a particularly hot and sunny day, or even just for the part of the day where the sun is highest and it's warmest outside, and you'll be able to maintain a much more comfortable interior year round. ,

Even if you already make use of velvet blackout drapes during the winter, choose brighter, more appealing colors or patterns to ensure that your house remains cheerful in the summer. Using these in conjunction with fans and air conditioners represents a sensible way to reduce your electricity usage and the carbon that it produces, giving you a green way to stay cool during the summer. 

Rather than having to blast the AC the next time a heat wave hits, do what you can to make sure that your house is comfortable all season with the help of insulating window treatments.