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Merging real-life decor with what you might see online

Rather than using a picture from online, use your life experience as your inspiration.

Rather than using a picture from online, use your life experience as your inspiration.

As we saw with a lot of the faked pictures from Hurricane Sandy, it can be hard to ascertain whether you are looking at something real, or if it has been doctored in favor of dramatics.

To a certain extent, the same is true of home decor in the internet age. Hundreds of home design blogs play host to pictures of beautifully staged and decorated houses every day, helping to provide perfect inspiration to the designer in each of us.

But many of these lovely looking photos seem better suited for a storefront than for an actual house. After all, most individuals don't have a need for decorative items like a vintage typewriter every day, and the downside to their aesthetic benefit is that they don't provide much practical use.

Many people would like to make their homes look as nice as the online pictures, but without the props that don't serve so much of a purpose. This can be achieved by displaying items that have significance in your own life, rather than things from pictures online.

Another good way to make your home look great is to pay attention to functional parts of your decor like your window treatments. Lovely velvet drapes will look classy in your home, while successfully blocking out early morning sunlight and ensuring that you get a good night's rest. Likewise, you will love a window valance in your kitchen for the brightness it allows into the space as well as the way it connects the decor of this room.

When you're decorating your house, make sure you use personal touches and think about both form and function. This will help you to design a home that is as comfortable as it is picture-perfect.