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Make the bottom bunk into a spot for relaxation with velvet blackout drapes

Use a cozy set of blackout drapes to cover the bottom bunk.

Use a cozy set of blackout drapes to cover the bottom bunk.

Many children love the idea of bunk beds. There is something exotic and fun about sleeping in one bed that's stacked on top of another, reminding many children of summer camp or playing army. However, it's no secret that the child that's assigned to the bottom bunk often feels as if he or she has gotten the short end of the stick. After all, it's darker and more cramped under there, and in some situations it's even uncomfortable to sit up all of the way. 

However, this makes the bottom bunk a particularly great spot to retreat for a relaxing nap in the middle of the day or for a child to spend some time alone collecting their thoughts. Rather than simply picking out matching bedding for the top and bottom bunk, it's a great idea to use the cave-like properties of the bottom bunk to your advantage, and make this into a great retreat. 

Consider hanging velvet blackout drapes from the top bunk so that the bottom bunk becomes its own private space. You can then set up a reading light and a shelf for books to make the bottom bunk into a quiet space to nap, read or relax. This is a nice way to add to the decor of the room and make the bottom bunk into a more desirable place to spend time. 

Make sure to add a tieback so that the inhabitant of this bed will also have the option of leaving it open.