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Make lofts more comfortable with the help of velvet blackout drapes

Neutral grey velvet blackout drapes like these are well suited to an industrial space.

Neutral grey velvet blackout drapes like these are well suited to an industrial space.

In many urban centers around the world, it has become a common practice for individuals to move into former industrial spaces. As certain cities are no longer manufacturing hubs, they tend to have a lot of unoccupied factory buildings around. The open floor plan, large windows and high ceilings all help to make converted of old factories or warehouse spaces desirable places to live. 

Loft living has become increasingly popular, and wealthy residence of some of the world's most expensive cities have actually started seeking such spaces out, as they offer an amount of open space unparalleled in the traditional apartments that most cities have to offer. 

But while living in a loft has an undeniable cool aspect, there are also some practicality issues to consider concerning arrangement. Having all of those large windows at your disposal can mean a lack of privacy, and since a lot of these buildings were vacant for many years before becoming residential space, you may be dealing with broken or cracked panes. 

While you will likely want to replace the problematic glass, this can be a costly and time consuming project. Luckily, investing in velvet blackout drapes for your wall of windows can be exactly what you need. 

These heavy drapes will protect from a bright early morning sun, as well as help to keep the chilly air outside of your house. They can also provide you with some welcome privacy, since living in a light-filled loft during the day can often feel like living in an aquarium at night. 

Don't fear loft living just because of the intimidating windows that your building has. Instead, enjoy the rarity of all that space and light, and deal with the rest with some blackout drapes