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Let your curtains and drapes help you beat the heat this summer

Blackout drapes are an excellent defence against the heat.

Blackout drapes are an excellent defence against the heat.

It's shaping up to be a scorching summer, and with numerous heat waves hitting us so far making most of us want to do what we can to get out of the sweltering temperatures whenever we can. Since much of the country is smack in the middle of another period of extreme heat right now, we're dealing with this problem yet again. However, if you don't have air conditioning, going home in the evening can feel like a jail sentence, since time seems to pass so much more slowly when you're trying to get to sleep with heat and humidity at this level. 

However, people have lived in hot climates all over the world for millennia and managed to stay cool while at home. The key is doing what you can to keep your interior from heating up in the first place. While your first instinct might be to open all your windows and try to let a breeze from the outside cool your home down, while you're not home, it's best to keep the area as dark as possible. 

By closing the windows and drawing the drapes, you help to keep the hot sun from coming in and heating the entire area up. When you get home, feel free to let the sun shine in and turn on a few fans to get the air flowing throughout the area. It helps to do this in the rooms that you're not using, so that you can keep them from heating the rest of the house. 

Velvet blackout drapes work particularly well for keeping the sun out of your interior, and can be your best line of defense in the summer. Depending on where you live, this might be all you need to stay cool in the summertime.