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Learn how to save energy this winter

Velvet curtains are perfect for the winter season.

Velvet curtains are perfect for the winter season.

Baby, it's cold outside! Although you're likely looking forward to holiday music and festive cheer, you're probably not eager to experience freezing temperatures this winter. Daylight saving time has resulted in the nights getting longer and colder this week. Are you searching for ways to warm up your home without going broke this winter? Check out some helpful tips on how to retain energy and cut heating costs when the temperatures drop.

  • Control thermostats: Programmable thermostats have been very popular in recent years. Although they were once pricey, these thermostats can cost as little as $25 today. This feature helps save you money since you can program your heating system to a lower temperature during the day when your kids are off to school and you're working. According the U.S. Department of Energy, you can shave up to 10 percent of your annual heating expenses by turning down your thermostat 10-15 degrees eight hours a day.
  • Purchase a space heater: Some people are more sensitive to cold air than others. Are you the only one in your home who is constantly cold? When a blanket isn't getting the job done, think about purchasing an inexpensive space heater for yourself.
  • Put up curtains and drapes: Curtains and drapes a more than just home décor. These items can also help save you money by retaining heat in your home. This is especially true for window coverings made out of heavier materials. Be sure to browse Half Price Drapes' velvet and blackout curtains, which are ideal for the cold winter months.