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Keep your house better insulated with velvet blackout drapes

As the hot summer sun beats down on your home, don't let your home turn into a greenhouse.

Keep your house better insulated with velvet blackout drapes

With summer in full swing and heat-waves sweeping the nation, making sure your home is as cool and insulated as possible is a top priority. The same is true during winter, when you want to keep the heat in and the blistering cold out.

Older, draftier houses with single-pane windows have the hardest time keeping temperatures regulated, but on the hottest, brightest summer days, even new houses with insulated double-pane windows can’t beat the heat.

Velvet blackout curtains are great for all seasons because they add an extra layer of insulation to your windows by preventing drafts with the heaviness of the fabric, which also, as the their name suggests, prevents any thermal light from penetrating.

These drapes are good for formal and casual settings because velvet has the ability to take on a different sheen depending on the color of the fabric and the lighting within the room. A solid velvet drape won’t distract or clash with the decor of a particular room as it helps to regulate the room{‘}s temperature.

Darker hues can make a setting more intimate and best showcase the ability of the fibers to take on different shades when drawn, giving off a cascading look. Lighter shades adapt well in more casual settings, as the velvet loses some lustre but not at the expense of functionality.

These kinds of drapes are durable as well, as they are crafted to be extra heavy in order to successfully insulate. There is potential to not waste energy by blasting a furnace or air conditioning system that only goes right out the window when employing one of these designs. A neutral option that is appropriate in any season, stylish and quality blackout drapes will be invaluable to you in time when the temperature outside is extreme.