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Incorporate this color into your design to get a good night’s rest

Tranquil blue drapes will make your bedroom into an oasis.

Tranquil blue drapes will make your bedroom into an oasis.

Do you lie awake at night, tossing and turning before finally falling into a restless sleep? Maybe it's not the laundry list of worries, but instead just the color of your bedroom. According to a new study published in British news source the Daily Mail, your chosen shade of paint can have an effect on the quality of the rest that you get. 

What's the best color for getting quality shut-eye? Blue. according to researchers from the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, the color of your bedroom can have a major effect on the number of hours of rest you get a night, as well as your blood pressure. Those who live in blue bedrooms get an average of 7 hours and 52 minutes a night, the study says. 

If you're not interested in having this hue in your bedroom, perhaps you'll prefer yellow or green, which also scored high on the in the survey. Which hues should you avoid? Grey, brown and purple all scored the worse, with those who lived in purple bedrooms sleeping on average just 5 hours and 56 minutes each night - the worst in the study. 

If you're finding yourself counting sheep for hours on end, the cause could be a number of things, but investing in some velvet blackout drapes in a lovely shade of blue can help to block out excess light and soothe you as you're hoping to drift off to dreamland.